The separation of families at the border, Plus: the legal path to asylum with an immigration attorney

7am – News headlines and analysis with Brian and Mitch

7:34 – Zoe Carpenter is an associate Washington editor with The Nation. Her latest piece is called “What Its Like Inside a Border Patrol Facility Where Families Are Being Separated.”

8:08 – KPFA NewsToday marks 2018’s World Refugee Day, a year with the dubious distinction of seeing the largest numbers of displaced people in the world on record – almost 70 million. Up next, we have a report on conditions of refugee camps housing the world’s largest stateless community ­– the Rohingya, a Muslim ethnic group from Burma. Lucy Kang reports from Cox’s Bazaar in Bangladesh.

8:11 – Andrea Swenson is an immigration attorney with Catholic Charities. The organization has condemned the separation of children a crime against humanity, and demanding the practice end immediately. Swenson joins us to discuss the challenges faced within paths to legal citizenship, asylum, and green card status, plus she answers listeners’ questions about immigration law. 


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