Debate: Should San Francisco ban the sale of e-cigarettes? Plus: Mark Arax on ‘The Dreamt Land:’ power, produce and water in California

0:08 – David Angel is Assistant District Attorney of Santa Clara County. He joins to discuss changes in drug sentencing laws that will limit charges against non-violent drug offenders charged with possession at the misdemeanor level.

0:23 – KPFA’s Christopher Martinez covers the democratic candidates debate at the Poor People’s Campaign.

0:34 – Mark Arax (@arax_mark) is an author and journalist, focused on California and the West. His latest book is The Dreamt Land: Chasing Water and Dust Across California.

1:09 – Debate: Should San Francisco ban on the sale of e-cigarettes?

Our guests debate the merits of banning e-cigarettes and  the sale, distribution, or manufacturing of tobacco products on city-owned property.

Bonnie Halpern Felsher is a professor in the Department of Pediatrics, Division of Adolescent Medicine at Stanford University and the founder and executive director of the Stanford Tobacco Prevention Toolkit.

Greg Conley (@GregTHR) is the President of the American Vaping Association.

1:34 – Oakland City Council set to vote on the Kaiser auditorium development

Ayodele Nzinga (@wordslanger) is founding director of Lower Bottom Playaz and a key part of the Black Arts Movement Business District, which is part of the community coalition appealing the current development plan with the Oakland City Council. She joins to discuss the development of the Kaiser auditorium in Oakland.

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