Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Thomas Peele on his latest investigation into overwhelmed Bay Area Fire Depts; Plus: Sujatha Fernandes examines the power of curated and uncurated stories

7am – Breaking news and analysis with Brian and Mitch: the repeal of Costa Hawkins made it on the California ballot in November. Then, an update on the Republican’s immigration bill and the separation of children from their parents seeking asylum on the border.

7:34 – Thomas Peele (@thomas_peeleis a Pulitzer Prize winning investigative reporter on the Bay Area News Group’s regional team. His latest investigative piece is published June 1, 2018 is “Burned Out: how overwhelmed fire inspectors fail to keep us safe.”

7:57 – KPFA’s Richard Wolinsky reviews An Entomologist’s Love Story running at the San Francisco Playhouse through Saturday June 23.

8:08 – Ryan Cooper is a national correspondent for TheWeek.com and co-author of a recent report from the People’s Policy Project entitled “Social Housing in the United States.”

8:34 – Sujatha Fernandes (@SujathaTFis a Professor of Political Economy and Sociology at the University of Sydney. Her research combines social theory and political economy with in-depth, engaged ethnography of global social and labor movements. She is the author of several books, including her latest, Curated Stories: The Uses and Misuses of Storytelling.



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