The Politics of Culture: Comedy, Art, and . . . Yoga

Jerry kamau bellSeinfeld says political correctness is killing comedy — we’ll talk to W. Kamau Bell about what’s eating Jerry Seinfeld. Also: what it means to be an American artist – when you’re from Tibet. But first: everything you ever wanted to know about Yoga, but were afraid to ask.



Guests:  Indra_Devi_older


  • Michelle Goldberg, author of The Goddess Pose: the audacious life of Indra Devi, the woman who helped bring yoga to the West


  • W. Kamau Bell, socio-politial comedian, ACLU Ambassador of Racial Justice, host of the forthcoming CNN series United Shades of America . . . also hosting several upcoming nights of comedy at The Marsh


  • Ang Tsherin Ang 1Sherpa, Nepali-born Tibetan artist exhibiting at the KPFA Summer Arts and Crafts Fair

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