Trans in the Tenderloin; Muslim in America, Black Film Festival in SF

screaming queensWe take you through a whirlwind history of community, violence, and resistance at the bars, clubs, and night spots that LGBT folk claimed as their own. Plus: Negin Farsad discusses what it man to be a muslim comedian in a not-so-muslim society, and a look at San Francisco’s Black Film Festival.


  • Nancy Unger, professor of history at Santa Clara University, author
  • Victor Silverman, professor of history at Pomona College, co-director of the film Screaming Queens: Riot at compton’s cafeteria
  • Negin Farsad, comedian, actress, writer, and filmmaker. She’s also giving a KPFA talk tonight.
  • Jeff Adachi, director of Racial Facial, screening this weekend as part of the San Francisco Black Film Festival
  • Kali O’Ray, co-director of the San Francisco Black Film Festival


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