After Orlando

PulseSunday morning saw at least 50 dead and 53 wounded in a mass shooting at Orlando’s Pulse Club by an American who declared his allegiance to ISIS just before the attack. The hours since have seen calls to crack down on Muslims by right-wing politicians, and unity statements from the LGBT and Muslim communities. We’ll talk to Sahar Aziz and Yasmin Nair for reaction. Plus: did your vote count last week? We talk to the only person who published exit polling data for California about what happened to the neck-and-neck race that seemed to end in a landslide, the over 2 million ballots that have yet to be counted, and whatever questions our listeners come up with.


  • Sahar Aziz, Professor at Texas A&M School of Law, teaches national security, civil liberties, and Middle East Law. She is the author of “Policing Terrorists in the Community and Caught in a Preventive Dragnet: Selective Counterterrorism in a Post-9/11 America.”
  • Yasmin Nair, writer and activist who co-founded the radical queer editorial collective Against Equality. Her writing appeared most recently in the book False Choices: The Faux Feminism of Hillary Rodham Clinton
  • Paul Mitchell, Vice President of Political Data, Inc., a bipartisan voter data company, which did the only statewide exit polling of California voters for this primary. (He also, as a result of a failed prediction about this election, ran a full loop around the State Capitol, naked.)

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