Greece votes against austerity — so now what? Plus: Max Blumenthal on Gaza


Greek Greece - OXIvoters just rejected an austerity proposal from their government’s creditors by a landslide 61% vote. The day after the election, financial markets are in turmoil, and high-level meetings are kicking off across Europe, but there’s one regular who won’t be attending. Greek Finance Minister Yanis Veroufakis resigned shortly after his position won the election. We’ll discuss why, and what’s next.

Plus: A deep dive with Max Blumenthal into last summer’s Gaza War: where the facts come down now that the dust has settled — and what they say about Israel’s politics.


  • Alexander Mizan, Treasurer of the American Hellenic Council (currently in Athens).
  • James Galbraith, economist who serves as a professor of Government at the University of Texas, where he worked closely with just-resigned Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis.  He’s the author of many books, the most recent of which is The End of Normal: The Great Crisis and the Future of Growth.
  • Max Blumenthal, award-winning journalist who’s spent the past five years reporting from inside Israel and Occupied Palestine. His new book is an account of Israel’s 2014 bombardment and invasion of the Gaza Strip, it’s called The 51-Day War – Ruin and Resistance in Gaza

One response to “Greece votes against austerity — so now what? Plus: Max Blumenthal on Gaza

  1. Max Blumenthal analysis of Israel is good if you enjoy listening to someone who will take every single bad thing about Israel and exaggerate it as hatefully as possible, take every neutral/OK thing about Israel and twist it so it’s evil, and simply leave out any good things about Israel.

    And if you enjoy hearing Israel analysis from someone who wants Israel destroyed as a state, then good luck with that.

    Listening to Blumenthal analyze Israel is like listening to KKK members analyze black people. Too hateful and biased to stomach.

    Unless, of course, your agenda is to hear one-sided hate. Then Max Blumenthal is useful.

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