Crime and Punishment

Two prison3prison-fence-219264_640animal rights activists from Oakland are now facing up to 10 years in federal prison for vandalizing fur businesses and releasing captive mink. Their charge? “Conspiracy to Violate the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act”. We host a debate on that law, and how it’s being used. Plus: the backlash over Kate Steinle’s killing has some counties opting back in to collaboration with federal immigration officials. We talk to Alameda County Sherriff Gregory Ahern about why he’s doing it, and to an immigrants’ rights attorney about why they think that’s a bad thing.


  • Ben Rosenfeld, attorney who has defended several animal rights activists charged under the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act; also on the advisory board of the Civil Liberties Defense Center.
  • Patti Strand, president of the National Animal Interest Alliance, which lobbied for the passage of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act
  • Gregory Ahern, Sheriff of Alameda County
  • Grisel Ruiz, staff attorney at the Immigrant Legal Resource Center


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