Behind the Shootings; Obama in Africa

houserLafayette, Louisiana, has just witnessed America’s latest shooting spree: less than five weeks after the massacre in Charleston, John Russell Houser shot 11 and killed 2 in a movie theater showing Amy Shumer’s “Trainwreck.” We look at the right-wing and white supremacist forums he frequented online, and the rise of “lone wolf” attacks. Plus: President Obama wraps up a tour of two African nations under fire from human rights groups – both recipients of large amounts of US military aid. We discuss Kenya, Ethiopia, and the proxy war on Somalia’s Al-Shabbab.


  • Mark Potok, Senior Fellow at the Southern Poverty Law Center, where he is Editor-In-Chief of Intelligence Report and the Hatewatch blog
  • Horace Campbell, Professor of African American Studies and Political Science at Syracuse University. Author most recently of Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya
  • William Minter, editor of Africafocus.org and author, most recently, of No Easy Victories: African Liberation and American Activists over a Half Century
  • Democrocernus

    i was startled to hear your guest say he thought Hitler was “the great pragmatist” because here in China, many many many youth I have known in the past ten years make the same claim,and idolize him–and when asked, who in history would you most like to sit and dine with–they say Hitler. I know a Chinese person who has the English name–Nazi. I have seen Chinese online taking “fun” costume pictures in Nazi uniforms and ball gowns (man and women). The disenfranchised conditioned youth of China, in my opinion, are seriously disturbed, unstable…a powder keg. They also idolize the Qin dynasty–which was very very cruel ad buried people alive in tens of thousands or more. They are extremely cynical, hopeless, angry, indifferent, and power and money hungry, Consumerism-owning luxuries and being better than other people is paramount in their minds-as a people coupled with an inferiority complex that manifests as arrogance and hate–towards a world they see has done them wrong–globally, historically, and domestically. NO amount of reason, compromise, or compassion seems to motivate them when it comes to territory, and China number one. Every country has its ignorant nationalists but in China of 1billion people, it appears extremely out of proportion–as in most of society.

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