Climate Special: California forests have become net climate polluters, Alaska’s could be worse, and the oceans may swallow our cities soon . . . but there’s still hope.

wildfireWe’re going deep on climate change, starting with wildfires here in California, a “climate bomb” lurking in Alaska’s melting permafrost, and a staggering new study by one the world’s most prominent climate scientists on sea level rise this century.


  • Patrick Gonzalez, forest ecologist and climate change scientist with the U.S. National Park Service; co-author of a new study that says California’s forests have been a net contributor to climate change in recent years.
  • Alyson Kenward, manager of the Climate Science research program at Climate Central, where she co-authored a new report called The Age of Alaskan Wildfires.
  • Mark Hertsgaard, independent journalist who’s been covering climate change for two decades. His latest book is Hot: Living Through the Next Fifty Years on Earth




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