How Prepared is California for Wildfire Season?; An archival Carlos Santana Interview; Plus Fund Drive Special Redux: Obi Kaufmann on Forests in Age of Climate Change

Controlled burn, Lincoln National Forest south of Weed, ca. 32.7825 -105.4711, 7 Apr 2010.

On today’s show:

0:08 – Is California ready for wildfire season? We discuss with prescribed fire practitioner and fire historian Jared Dahl Aldern (@JaredDahlAldern) and Lenya Quinn-Davidson (@lenyaqd) Fire Adviser with the University of California Cooperative Extension and director of the Northern California Prescribed Fire Council.

0:33 – From the KPFA archives, Mexican-American guitar legend Carlos Santana discusses his life and work with rock journalist Ben Fong-Torres. The full interview is included KPFA’s Storytelling for Social Change Collection – a thank you gift for anyone who donates to KPFA.

1:08 – We air an interview with artist and naturalist Obi Kaufmann, author of The State of Water and The Forests of California. He discusses the wonder and interconnectedness of California’s biodiversity, and the state’s future in an age of climate crisis.Fund Drive Premium: For a $275 donation, listeners can their own copy of Obi Kaufmann’s The Forests of California or The State of Water for a $100 donation, and both books for $365.


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