Labor’s Divide over Bernie Sanders; Richmond Debates Rent Control

Bernie SandersSelf-described socialist and Democratic primary contender Bernie Sanders is turning out record-breaking crowds to hear him call out billionaires and oligarchs. His track record and positions on the issues are closer than any other candidate to what most unions espouse – but when most unions get involved in electoral politics, they want to bet on the winner. We’ll discuss labor’s divide over the Sanders insurgency with Steve Early.

Plus: Rents are starting to shoot up in working-class Richmond, California. The City Council is closely divided on a proposal to introduce rent control—and it’s going to a vote, tonight! We’ll have both sides in studio.


  • Steve Early, former organizer with the Communications Workers of America, now a journalist and author. His latest book is Save Our Unions: Dispatches From A Movement in Distress
  • Mike Parker, coordinator of the Richmond Progressive Alliance
  • Jeffrey Wright, Realtor, Former CEO of the West Contra Costa Association of Realtors
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