Labor’s Divide over Bernie Sanders; Richmond Debates Rent Control

Bernie SandersSelf-described socialist and Democratic primary contender Bernie Sanders is turning out record-breaking crowds to hear him call out billionaires and oligarchs. His track record and positions on the issues are closer than any other candidate to what most unions espouse – but when most unions get involved in electoral politics, they want to bet on the winner. We’ll discuss labor’s divide over the Sanders insurgency with Steve Early.

Plus: Rents are starting to shoot up in working-class Richmond, California. The City Council is closely divided on a proposal to introduce rent control—and it’s going to a vote, tonight! We’ll have both sides in studio.


  • Steve Early, former organizer with the Communications Workers of America, now a journalist and author. His latest book is Save Our Unions: Dispatches From A Movement in Distress
  • Mike Parker, coordinator of the Richmond Progressive Alliance
  • Jeffrey Wright, Realtor, Former CEO of the West Contra Costa Association of Realtors

10 responses to “Labor’s Divide over Bernie Sanders; Richmond Debates Rent Control

  1. Wrong! He is not the closest on labor issues or any other progressive issues than any other candidate! You totally dismiss as do everyone else–the Greens ad Jill Stein! I am really just sick of it. If i have to look at bernie’s face again i will puke. he is BS. he is taking you all down the primrose path. The progressive people will be shamed forever–the left shamed–by bernie, Uncle Bernie, he might as well grow a stash–is going to destroy us on the left, shamed forever and the right will grown strong–because he will fight for domestic issues, but so did Hitler–he doesn’t speak of his foreign policy or his venomous attack against Palestinians! He scares me. he is not what people think he is. but you know what–jill stein is…please take your blinders off. We need a woman in office. and she is real. she is not a politician. she is an American woman and she is everything we want. she doesn’t parade around as some charismatic figure that everyone blindly and aggressively—almost savagely on the internet–follow. Uncle Bernie will have you all in jack boots. Democracy is not about charismatic figures. it should never be. The hysteria over this lukewarm charismatic figure is alarming. And he is not the progressive candidate. he is running for the nomination of a corporate party–against labors real interests. These are gut feelings about BS. i may be wrong. but i trust my gut.

    1. So anybody who fights for domestic issues is comparable to Hitler? Please. My gut feeling on Bernie has always been positive, I’ve never been interested in politics but Bernie has me on the net daily doing research because of his enthusiasm. If anything you should recognize the honest passion he brings, have you even listened to him speak outside of a rally where the energy is high, he’s legit. He’s running as a democrat but is the longest serving Independent in the Senate. You’re just projecting your anger at the restrictions imposed upon the Green party and taking it out on Bernie because he’s taking a mainstream route instead of running independent. Rant and rant on gut feelings without doing the research doesn’t bode well for garnering support. Look at his voting record, do the research.

      1. no, thats not what i said. pleaaase! just calm oyuself and think about what i am saying. i dint everyboyd to hitler did i? and i didnt say anything was wrong with domestic issues, did i? get a grip. you have no understandiong of logic apparently. relax, chill. think. I am not saying its tru. I am saying i have a gut feeling about BS. and I am very cynical nd skeptical of our system–i do not believe its democratic or organic. i am quite sure it is manufactured. obama was selected strategiclly, and so is BS. i am just saying be careful what you ask for? our society is nearl identicle to the society that birthed hitler–the time was right and many people supported him who were normally good people and progressive and fed up with lies and corruption and maybe turned a blind eye to other sinister qualties. i did not lik the way BS handled the situation at the “black lives matter speech/protest”–he lost his cool and showed his short temper–not leadership material. i dont see his appeal. but i do see how a hungry fed up progressive society–tired of the right and racists, etc–are so rild up they might fall under some misconceptions about a charismatic figure promising so much but saying less–and we dont need a charismatic figure who clearly has ‘a passionate speech routine’ tha the is not comfortable disturbing–party lines. How far can his angry voice carry him. And even more so i am disgusted and offended by his passive-aggressive following. passive aggressiveness is harmful and can easily be mobilized into outright hostility and violence. these people frighten me. also, it is cowardly, weak, and shameful for people to surrender to establishment undemocratic values–barring third parties like greens–and just accepting it. so instead join the system that has barred you-that is a sham. a fraud. fascism. and bernie is a part of it–that system and asking for your support. sorry. my convictions are stronger than that. I will not compromise on justice, principle. all the things you claim to care about with BS can be found 1000 times stronger and truer and more with the greens–standing up for the greens is standing up for democracy. and our poisoned earth. if you give up on Green you give up on democracy, hope, earth rights, our rights!

        my comment on hitler is thought experiment. take it that way.

          1. ok but that message is not being told or expressed. He is focused on one issue–which is a big one yes–but few people understand those connections. And his tired speech tactic is old and needs to be considered by all caring candidates. he is standing on a stage and screaming. he is not going to get the minority vote that way. he needs to march with MLK again. its time we see candidates in the street, and discussing together with us–not preaching at us, screaming at us–or talking at us on stage. we need organizers–and i see that in jill stein and the green party. BS can say anything he wants on stage. it doesnt mean he can lead or that he will do anything he says. In fact his outbursts show that he is anything but a good leader. A leader is calm and collected.

      2. furthermore, i wouldn’t have gotten angry when the black lives matter hecklers were passionately crying for help–it would have inspired me. i would have sat down on the edge of the stage and invited discussion–not canned speech and debates. i would engage my audience as equals. not as political ploy but because i believe myself to be equal and i care about the issues. i would listen them and that is not what BS wants to do-he gets so angry toward the people allegedly on his side.

  2. Why do these people keep harping about NAder!!!!!!!!!!! he is the past. Jill Stein. Jill Stein jill stein jill stein–do i have to say it over and over again. If greens are forbidden from your state you need to be in the street PROTESTING!!!! it is not democracy and you people just bend over. going around getting on the ballot–is campaigning! i am sick. the entire left is delusional and surrendering to non-democratic fascism!

    the establishment says–you cant vote for green–and you say oh okay massa! sorry massa. i so wrong massa. sick

    you people say bernie can’t win but it will raise awareness–doesn’t a green campaign do the same thing???

    –we need to make people aware that third parties–greens especially are outlawed–isn’t that alarming!!! we need to be all over this–not capitulating. shame. shame on you all.

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