America’s largest Protestant Church joins Israeli Boycott; Plus: A Cultural History of the Grateful Dead, from the Acid Tests to Fare Thee Well

grateful bookWe bring you the story of a band that helped spread the 1960s counterculture from San Francisco’s Haight Asbury to towns and cities across the country . . . for five decades. It’s a cultural history of the Grateful Dead, with Peter Richardson. But first: the United Church of Christ, which numbers nearly one million congregrants, has just joined the movement to boycott Israel – we’ll talk to the minister who made it happen, and to an Israeli activist about what it means.


  • Reverend John Deckenback, Conference Minister of the United Church of Christ’s Central Atlantic Conference
  • Dalit Baum, Director of Economic Activism for the American Friends Service Committee, and co-founder of  Who Profits from the Occupation, and the Coalition of Women for Peace
  • Peter Richardson, professor of American Studies at San Francisco State University; author of No Simple Highway: A Cultural History of the Grateful Dead


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