Housing Crisis in California: A Debate

The state assembly is about to vote on AB 943, a bill that would make it harder for voters to limit development where they live. Proponents say it’ll help fix California’s housing shortage – opponents say it could kill efforts preserve open space, or limit office construction. Two legislators debate the details.

Plus: When Congress passed the sprawling, $700 billion National Defense Authorization Act last year, it included surprising language about ending US involvement in the Saudi war in Yemen. We get the scoop from someone who helped get that language passed.


  • 7:08 Kate Kizer, director of policy and advocacy at the Yemen Peace Project
  • 7:33 Miguel Santiago, Assemblymember representing California’s 53rd district, which includes downtown Los Angeles
  • 7: 33 Mark Leno, recently termed-out state State Senator who has represented San Franciscans in both chambers of the legislature, and on the city’s board of supervisors

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