Republicans boycotting RNC; Failed Coup Attempt in Turkey

turkey coupThis week is the Republican National Convention, the most contentious convention in years. In fact, a number of old time GOPers are skipping this year’s convention. Alex Isenstandt, reporter for Politico, joins us. Plus, last Friday, Turkey’s military attempted a coup that seems to have been thwarted. Now, President Erdogan has declared martial law and arrested over 2000 “collaborators of the coup.”

And is NATO instigating a war with Russia? Just before Turkey’s coup, a massive buildup of troops on the so-called “Eastern flank” on the border with Russia began to feel a little bit like the Cold War and made a number of observers extremely worried. We talk to Conn Hallinan, columnist for Foreign Policy in Focus.



Alex Isenstadt, Reporter for Politico

Conn Hallinan, columnist for Foreign Policy in Focus

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