Iran: Watershed Nuclear Deal; San Francisco: Dueling AirBNB Regulations Before Supervisors

A breakthrough agreement over Iran’s nuclear program is already drawing howls of outrage from Israel and congressional Republicans – now they have 60 days to convince two thirds of Congress to shoot it down. We go over what’s in the deal, and what’s next.
Plus: San Francisco’s Board of Supervisors takes up new regulations on short-term rental services like AirBNB, which critics accuse of turning housing into hotels. We’ll talk the politics of America’s least affordable city with Tim Redmond.

Guests: Powers Near Initial Iran Deal

  • Jamal Abdi, Executive Director of NIAC Action
  • Mansour Farhang, professor of international relations at Bennington College; first UN envoy for post-revolution Iran
  • Tim Redmond, editor of 48hills.org



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