How communities are organizing ahead of ICE deportation raids; Plus: The escalating threats on whales and ocean ecosystems

0:08 – How Bay Area communities are organizing to protect immigrant families ahead of ICE raids, expected to start Sunday.

We speak with Cynthia Bourjac (@CynthiaBourjac) is an Immigrant Rights Organizer with Causa Justa, and part of the rapid response network in Oakland and San Francisco.

KPFA has put together a list of resources, upcoming actions and hotline numbers.

0:34 – The escalating threats on whales and ocean ecosystems

First, an update on the whale die-offs in Northern California. We’re joined by Moe Flannery, Senior Collections Manager of Birds and Mammals at the California Academy of Sciences, who has been part of the team responding to dead whales washing up in the Bay Area.

Then, Japan has renewed commercial fishing of whales. We speak with Hisayo Takada (@HisayoTakada), Program Director of Greenpeace Japan, on the policy change, impacts to whale species and the greater ocean ecosystem, and groups fighting to ban the practice. 

Photo: Wikipedia. Harpooned minke whale

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