Behind Trump’s major escalation on Iran with journalist Reese Erlich; Plus: What’s next in the impeachment process

0:08 – Monday’s with Mitch

We discuss the US escalation on Iran and Iraq with airstrikes and Trump threatening retaliation, including on Iranian cultural sites, which is a war crime. And, in the context of the impeachment – Congress is scrambling to check executive war powers; House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has given no indication on when she’ll pass the articles of impeachment over to the Senate, a political strategy in order to ensure a fair trial.

0:34 – David K Randall is a senior reporter at Reuters. His latest book is Black Death at the Golden Gate: The Race to Save America from the Bubonic Plague.

1:08 – We spend the hour discussing what’s going on with the US and Iran, plus we take listener calls.

Reese Erlich (@ReeseErlich) has been reporting from Iran for 18 years. His new book is The Iran Agenda Today: the Real Story Inside Iran and What’s Wrong with US Policy. Erlich’s Foreign Correspondent column appears every two weeks in 48Hills.org. Follow his work at ReeseErlich.com.


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