Porter Valley Ranch: A ‘Mini Chernobyl’

porter valleyA gas leak in Southern California’s Porter Valley Ranch has left residents exposed to toxic gases for over 78 days now–how did this happen and why has it not yet been stopped? We get the latest updates from Food and Water Watch organizer, Alexandra Nagy, and speak to resident of Porter Valley, Susan Gorman-Chang. In the second half, we find out what to expect in Obama’s last State of the Union address from John Nichols. Last, this year’s Super Bowl is taking place at our own Levi Stadium but not everyone’s excited about it. Find out why from Tim Redmond.


Alexandra Nagy, Southern California Organizer for Food and Water Watch

Susan Gorman-Chang, Board Member of the organization Save Porter Ranch

John Nichols, Washington Correspondent for The Nation

Tim Redmond, editor of 48hills.org 

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