James Baldwin Highlights from the Voices That Changed the World Archive

As part of our ongoing Fund Drive at KPFA, this morning UpFront will play selections from “Voices That Changed the World Pacifica Radio Archives Audio,” Over 1000 hours of audio, including the “James Baldwin, Complete Collection.” with 14 hours of Baldwin recorded by KPFA.

This morning’s clips are from his speech, “Living and Growing in a White World” given at Castlemont High School in Oakland in 1963. Additionally, listen to selections from “Free and Brave” about American history from the black perspective, given at the Second Baptist Church in LA in 1963.

This episode is part of KPFA’s fund drive! KPFA is community supported public radio, which means listener support is crucial to remaining independent, critical, and honest as a station. Call in (1800) 439-5732 during our broadcast of UpFront or click here to pledge your support during Fund Drive!

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