On the History of Anarchism, Plus: James Baldwin, Speeches from the KPFA Archive


7:08  the History of Anarchism – excerpts from the film NO GODS NO MASTERS, by Icarus Films, is a sympathetic history of a century of anarchist thought and practice, featuring leading historians and essayists, dramatic archival footage, and lively commentary that keeps the subject engaging. Divided into sections each based on key events, NO GODS NO MASTERS is a comprehensive yet accessible introduction to the multi-faceted global anarchist movement – once a mass force that sought not to seize political power, but to utterly destroy it.

7:30James Baldwin – As part of our ongoing Fund Drive at KPFA, this morning UpFront will play selections from “Voices That Changed the World Pacifica Radio Archives Audio,” Over 1000 hours of audio, including the “James Baldwin, Complete Collection” with 14 hours of Baldwin recorded by KPFA.

This show features excerpts from his speech, “Living and Growing in a White World” given at Castlemont High School in Oakland in 1963. Additionally, listen to selections from “Free and Brave” about American history from the black perspective, given at the Second Baptist Church in LA in 1963.




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