Earthquakes in the East Bay, What’s On the Horizon? Plus: Daniel Ellsberg on the Latest Threats of Nuclear War

7:08 – Shannon Young(@SYoungReports) an independent journalist based in Oaxaca City, speaks with us about the devastating earthquake in Mexico this past year. 

  • Andrew Alden, (@aboutgeology) science writer, founder of a weekly blog on the geology of Oakland and former United States Geological Survey technical editor, discusses the fault lines surrounding the Bay Area and how they might impact residents
  • Jennifer Strauss, External Relations Officer at UC Berkeley’s Seismological Lab and Regional Coordinator for ShakeAlert Northern California. She joins UpFront to inform listers about the Shake Alert system, and the risks Northern California is facing. 

8:08 – Daniel Ellsberg (@DanielEllsberg) best known for leaking the Pentagon Papers, former consultant to the Department of Defense and the White House who drafted Secretary Robert McNamara’s plans for nuclear war.

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