Can the ‘Justice for Black Farmers Act’ address the history of discrimination? We ask black farmers; Plus: KPFA Special Black History Month Profile in Excellence: Kwame Nkrumah

Will Scott, Founder and President of African American Farmers of California. (Photo via Facebook)

0:08 – Can the Justice for Black Farmers Act of 2020 address the history of discrimination in federal agricultural policy across the US?

Will Scott is a farmer and President of The African – American Farmers of California based in Fresno, CA. The African – American Farmers have been supplying produce to the Bay Area since 1998 with Mo’ Better Food and more recently Farms to Grow farmers market and CSA.

David Roach is the President of Mo’ Better Food, a nonprofit based in the East Bay Area. Mo’ Better Food’s theme is “To feed ourselves into independence.” Mr. Roach connected with the African American Farmers of California in 1998 and has been working ever since to connect their produce to markets in the Bay Area. 

0:34 – Profiles in Excellence: Kwame Nkrumah

On the life and legacy of Kwame Nkrumah, Pan-Africanist and the first prime minister and president of Ghana after British colonial rule, with Harry Nii Koney Odamtten, Assistant Professor of African and Atlantic History at Santa Clara University.

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