The Story of 19th Century Radical Black Activist, Lucy Parsons: Plus The Ahed Tamimi Trial, and Supersizing Urban America

  • Cat Brooks speaks with University of Texas professor and historian Dr. Jacqueline Jones about her book on Lucy Parsons. The text, Goddess of Anarchy covers the life of 19th-century radical black anarchist and labor activist Lucy Parsons.
  • Meera Nabulsi reports on the protests that occurred on the birthday of Ahed Tamimi, a Palestinian teenager who has been detained since December 2017 for slapping an Israeli soldier. Nadya Tannous, the Education & Advocacy Coordinator at Interfaith Peace-Builders and General Coordinator for the Palestinian Youth Movement-USA joins the show to talk with us about the first day of Ahmen Tamimi’s trial. 
  • Cat Brooks speaks with Chin Jou, lecturer in American History at the University of Sydney and author of Supersizing Urban America: How Inner Cities Got Fast Food with Government Help. Chin Jou and Cat cover the role that the US Government played in placing certain establishments in certain neighborhoods and the impact that those strategies have had. 
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