Holiday Fund Drive Special: Preparing for the next big earthquake or any emergency

0:08 – The science of earthquakes, and what you need to know for the next Big One.

Andrew Alden (@aboutgeologyis science writer, founder of a weekly blog on the geology of Oakland and former United States Geological Survey technical editor.

Jennifer Strauss is External Relations Officer at UC Berkeley Seismology Lab and Regional Coordinator for ShakeAlert Northern California. She is a co-author of the HayWired Earthquake Scenario.

1:08 – How community organizers and organizations are preparing for the emergencies we know are coming

John Lindsay-Poland is with the American Friends Service Committee and the Stop Urban Shield Coalition.

Tur Ha Ak is the founder of Community Ready Corps (CRC) a liberation organization that combats white supremacy and actively builds and supports self-determination in 9 specific areas.

Fund Drive Premiums:

KPFA’s 2-Person Emergency Kit ($300) – Each kit contains enough emergency supplies to sustain two people for three days. The three basic essentials, as recommended by the American Red Cross: food, water, and emergency blankets for shelter and warmth, are included in every handy backpack. Yours for a pledge of $300 to KPFA.

Portable Personal Water Filter ($120) – The original, award-winning ultralight personal “straw” filter for outdoor sports, survival and emergencies. Removes bacteria, parasites and micro-plastics. Yours for a pledge of $120 to KPFA. 

Emergency Solar Hand Crank Radio ($200) – Kaito Solar/Crank AM/FM/SW NOAA Weather Radio with 5-LED Flashlight. Yours for a pledge of $200 to KPFA. 

COMBO: All the above ($500).

Today is the last day of our Holiday Fund Drive. As always, thank you for your generous support to KPFA. To make a pledge, visit kpfa.org or call 1-800-439-5732.

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