COVID relief negotiations in Congress down to the wire; Plus: UC Davis Dr David Cooke on being a part of the Pfizer vaccine trial; and new report shows prisons contributed to 500,000 more COVID cases this summer

0:08 – COVID relief package in Congress down to the wire

Dean Baker (@DeanBaker13) is senior economist at the Center for Economic and Policy Research.

0:34 – The psychology of COVID risk

Melissa Auerbach is associate professor of instruction in psychology at Temple University, where she specializes in health risk behaviors, health promoting behaviors, self-control and stress. 

Dr David Tom Cooke is head of thoracic surgery at UC Davis Health (Photo: Twitter)

1:08 – KPFA News: The COVID-19 vaccine has officially arrived in the Bay Area, with the very first vaccinations administered this morning in San Francisco. KPFA’s Sam Anderson reports.

1:15 – Pfizer unblinds vaccine trial recipients

Dr. David Tom Cooke (@DavidCookeMD) is head of thoracic surgery at UC Davis Health, and was part of the clinical trial of the Pfizer covid vaccine.

1:34 – Report: prisons contributed to 500,000 COVID cases in summer 2020

Gregory Hooks is a professor of sociology at McMaster University in Ontario, and co-authored the new report “Mass Incarceration, COVID-19, and community spread.”

Wanda Bertram is the Communications Strategist at the Prison Policy Initiative.

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