Celebrating the life and legacy of Toni Morrison; Plus, New study: Counties that hosted Trump rallies saw over 200% spike in hate crimes

0:08 – KPFA’s Sean Flannely reports on protests at the Lawrence Livermore Lab over the development of nuclear weapons on the 74th anniversary of the Hiroshima bombings.

0:13 – Ather Zia (@aziakashmir) is a poet and a political anthropologist who teaches Anthropology and Gender Studies at the University of Northern Colorado Greeley. She is the author of Resisting Disappearance: Military Occupation and Women’s activism in Kashmir. And founder and editor of Kashmir Lit and co-founder of Critical Kashmir Studies. Her latest op ed published in Al-Jazeera is titled: “There is reason to fear for the safety of every Kashmiri in India.”

0:34 – Valerie Martinez-Ebers is a professor of political science and director of Latina/o and Mexican American Studies at the University of North Texas. She joins to discuss the spike in hate crimes in regions where President Trump has held his rallies.

0:43 – Karen Krogh is a documentary and commercial photographer, and author of Love is the Spirit: the journey of a courageous and resilience community, a book of photographs Love is the Spirit documenting the 2008 shooting at the Tennessee Valley Unitarian Universalist Church and its aftermath.

1:08 – The Life and Legacy of Toni Morrison

Nikki Giovanni is one of America’s foremost poets, and has published numerous collections of poetry,  including the Emmy-award nominated The Nikki Giovanni Poetry Collection (2004). Her most recent publications include A Good Cry: What We Learn from Tears and Laughter. A frequent lecturer and reader, Giovanni has taught at Rutgers University, Ohio State University, and Virginia Tech, where she is a University Distinguished Professor. 

Ayodele Nzinga (@wordslanger) is founding director of Lower Bottom Playaz and a key part of the Black Arts Movement Business District, which is part of the community coalition appealing the current development plan with the Oakland City Council.

Tyson Amir (@tysonamir) is an educator and author of Black Boy Poems, and the Black Boy Poems Curriculum.

Tongo Eisen-Martin (@tongoblackfire) is a movement worker, educator and poet. His latest book is Heaven Is All Goodbyes.

1:10 – 1993 Toni Morrison Nobel Speech

Toni Morrison’s Nobel Prize lecture, a speech she gave in 1993 while accepting a Nobel Prize in Literature for her novels, which the committee praised at the time for their “visionary force and poetic import, giving life to an essential aspect of American reality.”

1:26 – 1978 Reading Song of Solomon

Tony Morrison in 1978 reading the end of Song of Solomon.

1:36 – 1981 WBAI Interview Toni Morrison speaks about adulthood



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