Norman Solomon on Bernie Sanders and Foreign Policy

Peanorman-solomon-ce activists have been petitioning presidential candidate Bernie Sanders to stake out clear positions on war and militarism–so when ABC’s Martha Raddatz pinned him down this weekend on Iran, drones, and war, did they get what they want? Norman Solomon will join us in studio to talk Bernie Sanders, foreign policy, and trying to make change through elections. Plus: one assemblymember thinks he’s found a new line of attack on fracking for oil in California–food labeling. Also: should tech giants should be regulated like public utilities?


  • Mike Gatto, Democratic Assemblymember from Glendale, sponsor of ABX2-14, to require labeling of food produced with oil field wastewater
  • Richard Eskow, Senior Fellow with the Campaign for America’s Future [repeat]mike gatto
  • Norman Solomon,  author,  media critic, former Congressional candidate and co-founder of rootsaction.org, which has now secured 26,000 signatures on a petition calling on bernie sanders to use his campaign to speak out on war and militarism.


Hosted by Brian Edwards-Tiekert, produced by Linda Khoury, engineered by Kirstin Thomas.

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