Xicana Moritorium, Mobile Bay Katrina Anniversary

Xicana Moritorium

Image via Xicana Moritorium Day at facebook.com.
Image via Xicana Moritorium Day at facebook.com.

Tomorrow marks the anniversary of the Chicano Moritorium national march.  On August 29, 1970, 30,000 Chicanos converged on the streets of East Los Angeles to call for an end to the war in Vietnam, and the injustices facing Chicanos in the United States.  Today, we look at that history and the impact that the movement has had on this generation of Xicana organizers.

Guest: Prishni Murillo, Eastside Arts Alliance, Xicana Moritorium Coalition.

Katrina Anniversary – Bayou La Batre, Alabama

Tomorrow is also the ten year anniversary of Hurricane Katrina making landfall along the Gulf Coast.  Bayou La Batre Alabama is a small fishing community that was hard hit by the storm — and the land grabs that followed.  We’ll hear about how this community has been fighting back.

Guests:  Zack Carter, Paul Nelson, Siriporn Hall; Alabama Fisheries Cooperative

* Correction: Zack Carter, Paul Nelson, and Siriporn Hall are no longer affiliated with the South Bay Communities Alliance.

With Host Marie Choi.

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