White supremacy and law enforcement, Plus: former United States political prisoners

On today’s show, host Brian Edwards-Tiekert and sociologist Peter Simi talk about white extremist groups and their relationship to law enforcement. They discuss the history of white supremacists joining police and military organizations and explain the extent to which that trend persists today.

Later, host Cat Brooks speaks with Claude Marks and Hank Jones, two former political prisoners. They discuss their personal histories and what is means to be a political prisoner in the United States.


  • Peter Simi, professor of sociology at Chapman University and author of “American Swastika: Inside the White Power Movement’s Hidden Spaces of Hate”
  • Claude Marks, former political prisoner and founder of the Freedom Archives
  • Hank Jones, formerly of the San Francisco 8 and the Black Panther Party; former political prisoner
Image: prison fence by flickr user Brad.K under CC BY 2.0, resized



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