UpFront w/ Friday Host Marie Choi – #E12thWishlist, Richmond Oil Trains, Unions and the Movement for Black Lives – August 21, 2015


Photo by @kloncke via twitter.com
Photo by @kloncke via twitter.com

After months of knocking on doors, organizing direct actions, shutting down a City Council meeting, and a leaked memo showing that the City Attorney advised Oakland Council members last February that the deal was illegal, EastLake United for Justice successfully stopped a sweetheart deal between the City of Oakland developer Urban Core.  The deal was to sell off prime city-owned lakeside land to the developer for just $5 million.  The developer’s plan to build over 300 units of luxury housing drew opposition from community members, and also violated the state’s Surplus Land Act which requires 15% affordable housing for developments on land sold off by cities.

Now, the City is putting the project back out to bid, and Eastlake residents want to make sure that the development reflects their needs.  They’re organizing the East 12th Wishlist: Peoples Planning Forum this weekend, to engage residents around how they want to see this parcel developed.
Guests: Krishna Desai and Amy Vanderwarker, Eastlake United for Justice.


Richmond Oil Trains

Photo by Brooke Anderson via movementphotographer.com
Photo by Brooke Anderson via movementphotographer.com

After a train carrying Bakkan crude oil from North Dakota derailed and exploded in Quebec last summer killing 47 people, the practice of carrying oil by rail has come under scrutiny by communities that live along the rail lines.  The disaster took place several months after the Bay Area Air Quality Management District gave Kinder Morgan a permit to transport Bakkan crude oil through Richmond, and Richmond residents want the decision reversed.

Guest: Megan Zapanta, Asian Pacific Environmental Network

Public Sector Unions and the Movement for Black Lives

After Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson Missouri one year ago, Ferguson residents put out a call for direct actions to shut down business as usual and demand an end to the war on black people.  Groups across the country have been responding to that call, shutting down freeways, shopping malls, and police stations.

Among them is the United Auto Workers Local 2865 – they represent UC graduate student workers.  Earlier this summer, they called on the AFL-CIO to end its affiliation with the International Union of Police Associations.  Today, we’re looking specifically at how public sector unions are relating to the Movement for Black Lives.


  • Brandon Buchanan, UAW Local 2865, Black Interests Coordinating Committee
  • Ramses Teon Nichol, Vice President of Organizing, SEIU Local 1021
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