SF Jury rules against Monsanto, indicts toxic, cancer-causing Roundup; Plus: Pushing back against patriarchy from behind bars in the film “The Feminist on Cellblock Y”

0:08 – Carey Gillam is an investigative journalist and public interes researcher for the non-profit, US Right to Know. She’s written extensively on chemical pollution, corruption, and Monsanto. Her latest book is Whitewash: The Story of Weedkiller, Cancer, and the Corruption of Science. She joins to discuss the jury’s ruling in the Monsanto trial

0:34 – Richard Edmond-Vargas (@RichieResedais featured in the film “The Feminist on Cellblock Y” focused on his feminist work while serving 10 years in California state prison. While incarcerated, he founded Success Stories, a program that helps young men in prison challenge patriarchy to better achieve their goals. In 2016, he founded Initiate Justice with his wife Taina Edmond-Vargas, dedicated to reforming prison policy and advocating for those impacted by incarceration. The film screens tonight, Aug 14 at the New Parkway in Oakland at 6:30pm, hosted by Initiate Justice. 

For the extended interview with Richard Edmond-Vargas, where we go deeper into the curriculum, successes and failures, check out the playlist below.

1:08 – Samya Kullab (@samya_kullab) is senior correspondent with Iraq Oil Report covering oil, security, and politics in Iraq, working in both Erbil and Baghdad Bureaus. Today, she’s joining us from New Jersey to discuss Iraqi politics, the heat wave, and political protests.

1:34 – Dr. Chipo Dendere (@drDendereis a Zimbabwean political scientist and professor at Amherst College, focused on democracy, elections, and migration with a regional focus on African politics. She joins us from Zimbabwe to discuss the historic elections in July, and what’s happening with the contested election results. 

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