Guatemala votes in new right-wing president; Plus: How conservatives dominate the left in digital activism

0:08 – Sandra Cuffe (@Sandra_Cuffe) is a freelance journalist based in Central America, contributing to Al Jazeera and the Washington Post. She joins us now from Guatemala, where she’s covering the presidential elections and the immigration.

0:34 – Noah Greenwald (@Noah_Ark_757) is the Endangered Species Director with the Center for Biological Diversity. He joins to discuss the Trump Administration’s rollback of endangered species protections. 

0:48 – Chip Gibbons (@ChipGibbons89) is a journalist whose work has been featured in Jacobin, In These Times, and the Nation. He is also the policy and legislative counsel for Defending Rights and Dissent,  an organization founded by victims of the House Un-American Activities Committee that works to protect the right to engage in political expression. His latest piece for In These Times: “Expanding the Powers of the FBI Is Not the Solution to White Supremacist Violence.”

1:08 – Jen Schradie (@schradie) is a sociologist and Assistant Professor of the Observatoire sociologique du changement at Sciences Po in Paris. Her latest book is “The Revolution That Wasn’t: How Digital Activism Favors Conservatives.

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