FCC Regulation Repealed and Chaos in South Africa

Trump signed legislation on Monday which could have a serious affect on your privacy, if you use the internet. He repealed FCC regulation that prevented Internet Service providers from selling your data, such as what web sites you visit, to third party companies, such as advertisers. Dallas Harris from Public Knowledge joins us to explain how this will affect web-users.

Source Image: https://commons.wikimedia.org/wiki/File:Fcclogowords.gif

South Africa’s government is in chaos at the moment. The president, Jacob Zuma, fired 10 people from his ministry, which led S&P, the global ratings agency to drop South Africa’s credit rating to “junk status.” now there are calls for Zuma’s resignation, but the ANC refuses to call for his removal. Prexy Nesbit, professor of African History at Columbia college in Chicago, explains.

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