What you need to know about accessing unemployment benefits and other relief; Plus: Today is the court deadline for ICE to report plan to release children from detention, before a COVID-19 outbreak

0:08 – Mondays with Mitch: the latest on the federal relief funding, how it will be distributed, and more.

0:34 – Q&A: We take her calls on unemployment benefits and other relief available

Katie Wutchiett is a staff attorney with Legal Aid at Work (@LegalAidAtWork). 

1:08 – Federal judge Dolly Gee poised to order ICE to release kids

Holly Cooper (@abogadatejana) is a co-director with the Immigrant Law Clinic at UC Davis.

1:18 – COVID in Las Vegas

Briana Erickson (@ByBrianaE) is a reporter with the Las Vegas Review-Journal.

1:34 – The US moving against Venezuela’s leadership

Alfred de Zayas (@Alfreddezayas) was the the first UN special rapporteur to visit and report from Venezuela in 21 years. He joins us on Skype from Geneva. 

1:54 – Mutual aid spotlight: Oakland Restaurant Workers Relief Fund

Sophia R and Catalina X are organizers with the Oakland Food Service Workers Relief Fund

More information and how to apply here, go to their GoFundMe page.



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