New York Amazon workers unionize; California’s drought outlook; Ukraine updates; Plus, covid conversations

Betty Reid Soskin retires as the oldest National Park Service Ranger | Wikimedia

0:08 – Images from northern Kyiv suggest Russian troops could have engaged in war crimes. John Feffer (@johnfeffer), Director of Foreign Policy in Focus, joins us to explore the potential for consequences by the international community, and other updates on the Ukraine war.

0:34 – Dr. John Swartzberg, clinical professor emeritus of infectious diseases at UC Berkeley’s School of Public Health, joins us to discuss the latest COVID science and answer listener questions.

1:08 – Staten Island Amazon workers have voted to create a union of their 10,000 workers, as the first-ever unionized warehouse within the company. Alex Press (@alexnpress), a staff writer at Jacobin magazine and host of Primer, a podcast about Amazon (@primerpod), discusses the new Amazon Labor Union and its impact.

1:22 – California’s April 1st snowpack reading is the worst of the past seven years. Rachel Becker (@RA_Becks) is a science writer who reports on California water policy for CalMatters, and joins us to discuss the dire look of our drought.

1:33 – Last week, Betty Reid Soskin retired as the oldest National Park Service Ranger. Cat Brooks spoke to Betty Reid Soskin in 2018, when she published her memoir, Sign My Name to Freedom, and we thought we’d wish her a happy retirement by bringing some of that conversation back to the air.