The Ground Has Shifted, A Caravan Against Fear And San Jose Tenants on Hunger Strike

On today’s show Cat Brooks interviews Walter Earl Fluker for The Ground Has Shifted:

A powerful insight into the historical and cultural roles of the black church, the dilemmas it faces, and the roadmap for an ethical path forward.
If we are in a post-racial era, then what is the future of the Black Church?  If the U.S. will at some time in the future be free from discrimination and prejudices that are based on race how will that affect the church’s very identity?

In The Ground Has Shifted, Walter Earl Fluker passionately and thoroughly discusses the historical and current role of the black church and argues that the older race-based language and metaphors of religious discourse have outlived their utility.  He offers instead a larger, global vision for the black church that focuses on young black men and other disenfranchised groups who have been left behind in a world of globalized capital.

Source Image: https://www.flickr.com/photos/fibonacciblue/32980946235

Then, the show shifts to the Caravan Against Fear that travels from California to Texas for immigrants rights.

In San Jose tenants are on Hunger Striking advocating City Council Votes on Just Cause and Stronger Protections, we talk about it with guest Shaunn Cartwright, from the South Bay Tenants Union.



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