COVID-19 capitalism: why the US healthcare sector cut 43,000 jobs in March; the Treasury Dept green-lights banks taking relief checks for debt collection; Plus: KPFA celebrates 71 years on the air

0:08 – The Trump administration’s management of medical supplies

Cyrus Farivar (@cfarivar) reporter in the tech investigative unit at NBC, co-authored a massive investigation into how the Trump administration is steering emergency medical supply contracts at nbcnews.com

0:34 – Why are hospitals cutting healthcare workers during a crisis?

Michael Sainato (@msainat1) is a labor reporter contributing to the Guardian, New York Times, Vice and others. His latest piece is US for-profit healthcare sector cuts thousands of jobs as pandemic rages

1:08 – China’s use of technology and surveillance

Yaqiu Wang (@Yaqiu) is a China researcher at Human Rights Watch, working on issues including internet censorship and freedom of expression. She’s based in New York.

1:20 – US banks can take relief checks for debt collection

David Dayen (@ddayen) is executive editor of the American Prospect, an independent progressive magazine (@theprospect). His latest piece is Your coronavirus check is coming. Your bank can grab it. 

Tape: Treasury Official Ronda Kent briefing bank officials.

1:34 – Week of action to demand people be released from jails

Melissa Hernandez (@altheatremaine) is with the No New SF Jail SF Coalition (@ShutDown850).

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