COVID Q&A: what would lifting shelter in place safely look like? Plus: Inside Alameda County’s ‘Project Roomkey,’ to move unhoused residents into hotels

0:08 – Mondays with Mitch: what’s happening with the coronavirus relief bill, the ongoing tug-of-war between Congress and the Department of the Treasury – Congressional Republicans obstructing relief efforts – and when the next COVID-19 bill is coming.

0:34 – Q&A: Ask a public health expert

Jay Levy, MD is a professor of medicine and infectious disease expert at UCSF.

1:08 – Public officials on coronavirus and relief efforts

Congressmember John Garamendi (@RepGaramendi) represents California’s 3rd district, encompassing most of the Sacramento Valley north and west of Sacramento.

1:20 – Inside the ER at UC Davis

Asantewaa Boykin is an ER Nurse at UC Davis Medical Center. 

1:34 – KPFA News: Millions of people will likely be ineligible for the one-time federal stimulus payments from the coronavirus relief package Congress passed in March, because of a provision that excludes families with mixed immigration status. KPFA’s Ariel Boone (@arielboone) reports.

For more information about the Oakland Undocumented Relief Fund, at centrolegal.org.

1:40 – What’s happening in Oakland to move unhoused residents into hotels

In mid-March, Governor Gavin Newsom announced funding to help counties and cities to secure hotel rooms for unhoused people during the Covid-19 pandemic, warning that up to 60,000 of them may contract the virus. Here in the East Bay, that project is being overseen by Alameda County, and called Project Roomkey. Early on, news reports surfaced of a sluggish start to the program. Our reporter Lucy Kang (@ThisIsLucyKang) went to find out why – and to get an update on how things are going now.

Check here for more information on the 77th Ave Rangers and Love and Justice in the Streets. 

1:50 – Mailbag: We’ve been collecting your stories and questions through a voicemail box. They’ve helped us choose what to cover. A lot of times we get to put you questions when we have experts on. But some messages come across more as short stories–little looks into how a history-changing event is impacting someone else’s life. Here are a few from our mailbag.

1:53 – Poetry spotlight: ‘Curtain #1’ by Ayodele Nzinga

Ayodele Nzinga is a playwright, poet, educator and founder of the Lower Bottom Playaz, in Oakland. You can follow her work on her blog, A. Nzinga’s Blog



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