In US, Facebook’s Zuckerberg Testifies Before Congress; In UK, a Lawsuit Against Cambridge Analytica. Plus: Speaker Paul Ryan Retires

7:08AM – Stephen Zunes is a Professor of Politics at the University of San Francisco and coordinator of the Middle Eastern studies program. He is a specialist in Middle East politics. He spoke with us about President Trump’s tweet this morning threatening a missile strike on Syria.

7:20AM – Mark Zuckerberg Testifies About Facebook Before Congress

Serge Egelman, Director of the Usable Security & Privacy Group at the International Computer Science Institute, affiliated with UC Berkeley, and co-director of the Berkeley Laboratory for Usable and Experimental Security

Craig Aaron, President & CEO of Free Press, an organization that works to ensure equal access to media and technology, privacy rights, and press freedom

8:08AM – Geoffrey Kabaservice, Republican historian and Director of Policy Studies at the center-right Niskanen Center. He spoke with us about Paul Ryan’s announcement this morning that he plans to retire from the House.

8:34AM – David Carroll, associate professor at Parsons School of Design in New York, who is suing Cambridge Analytica in UK courts to find out what data they’ve collected on him

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