Navigating parenthood during coronavirus: a parent stress counselor takes your calls; Plus: Being pregnant, and what to consider for a home-birth

0:08 – Compare/contrast countries’ strategies to slow coronavirus 

Dr Margaret Harris is a spokesperson with the World Health Organization (@WHO), and joins us on Skype from Geneva.

0:34 – On-air expert: Balancing parenting, kids’ remote learning, and work during shelter-in-place

Kimberly Sangabriel is a parent stress counselor, with Family Paths–they provide  mental health services to low income, multi-stressed people in Alameda County; now they’re running a Parent Stress Helpline.

Parent Stress Helpline (Alameda County): 1-800-829-3777

1:08 – Local Government in a time of crisis
Sam Liccardo (@sliccardo) is the Mayor of San Jose, the largest city in the Bay Area and hardest hit by COVID-19

1:34 – Being pregnant and giving birth during COVID-19

Amy Littlefield (@amylittlefield) is a freelance journalist who focuses on the intersection of religion and healthcare.

1:43 – Lisa Davis is a certified nurse midwife who does home-birth and is based in Vallejo

1:52 – From the frontlines: a Whole Foods worker shares her story.

We’ve been keeping up with one of our listeners, she doesn’t want us to use her name, who works packing groceries for delivery  at a Whole Foods in San Francisco. Last time we played you something from her, she was afraid to go in to work, because the job required standing close to other people while bagging up groceries. Since then, she says Whole Foods has made spreading out easier — they closed the hot foods part of the store and made a larger staging area for what she does. But in the end, she decided it was still too risky to keep going to work. She spoke with KPFA’s Lucy Kang (@ThisIsLucyKang). 

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