Up Front with Friday Host Marie Choi – Save E. 12th, Octavia’s Brood – April 20, 2015

Oakland residents are gathering right now at the Lake Merritt Ampitheater for Pray 4 The Land: An Interfaith Community Gathering to protest the development of a luxury apartment building on City-owned land in the Eastlake neighborhood.  The deal has been in the works for years between developer Urban Core and the City of Oakland — the City would sell off prime lakeside real estate for $5 million, and Urban Core would develop a 24 story apartment building.  Urban Core expects to rent one-bedroom units for $3,100 a month. We’ll hear more about the City Hall politics behind this deal.


  • Nischit Hegde, Eastlake United for Justice
  • Timmy Lu, Chinatown resident

For more on the racial politics behind the East 12th deal, check out Salima Hamirani’s coverage for Apex Expressoctavias_brood_coverThen, the new anthology, Octavia’s Brood: Science Fiction from Social Justice Movements is out this month.  Named for visionary sci-fi writer Octavia Butler, this anthology illuminates the challenges we face today and pushes us to imagine the possibilities for liberation. Guests:

    Walidah Imarisha, co-editor Octavia’s BroodAdrienne Maree Brown, co-editor Octavia’s Brood


Adrienne Maree Brown will be facilitating a dialogue on science fiction and social justice at the Oakland Release of Octavia’s Brood – this Wednesday, April 22, 6pm-7:30pm at the African American Museum and Library at Oakland – 559 14th Street Oakland.  Octavia’s Brood is available at AK Press.  You can follow their national tour online.

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