Rising Up With Sonali

Two Months After Maria Hit, Puerto Rico Recovery Slow

Two months after Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico, the island continues to struggle with the loss of power, the contamination of drinking water, and economic devastation. On our show today we’ll hear once more from our correspondent Rosa Clemente who traveled to Puerto Rico after the hurricane and will report on the status of the island at the 2-month mark. Then, we’ll get an update on Catalonia’s independence movement and how Spain is arresting and persecuting its leaders in the lead-up to regional elections in December. My guest Magali Muria of the Catalan National Assembly will share her insight. Finally, Alexander Reid-Ross, author of the new book Against the Fascist Creep will give us a history lesson on fascism and how much danger we are in under Donald Trump’s presidency of creeping fascism.

Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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