Rising Up With Sonali

Trump’s Infrastructure Plan Is Riddled With Problems

Donald Trump’s infrastructure plan has been riddled right from the start with accusations of secrecy, conflicts of interest, and more. Just days after he demanded Congress produce a bill generating $1.5 trillion to fund new infrastructure, we’ll spend today’s show examining what his plan entails. My guest Charisma Troiano of the group Democracy Forward will join us. She’ll also discuss a lawsuit against Trump over his infrastructure council, and a new report called Blueprint for Cronyism. Then, Gene Sharp the pioneering thinker and writer on non-violent resistance has died. The 90-year old was known for his powerful research and tools for populations to transform dictatorships into democracies. I had interviewed Gene Sharp in 2011 and today, in light of the need in the US to strengthen our democracy we’ll re-air that interview.

Hosted by Sonali Kolhatkar.

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