Transitions On Traditions

Transitions On Traditions – April 25, 2016

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A Soul-sonic rhapsody of word, sound and power that comes your way Monday nights. Hosted and produced by Greg Bridges.


sekou sundiatashout outthe blueoneness of dreamsmouth almighty / mercury
princebaltimorehitnrun phase two
princeand god created womano-t>paisley park / warner bros.
princeletitgocomewarner bros.
princeif i was your girlfriendsign o the timespaisley park
princewhen you were minedirty mindwarner bros.
princepartymanbatmanwarner bros.
princecomputer bluepurple rainwarner bros.
prince17 daysthe hits / the b sideswarner bros.
princeautomatic1999warner bros.
princecrazy youfor youwarner bros.
princede bangcrystal ballpaisley park
princethe greatest romance ever soldrave un2 the joy fantasticnpg
princethieves in the templegraffiti bridgepaisley park / warner bros
princethe ballad of dorothy parkersign o the times disc 1paisley park
princeshe spoke 2 methe vault... old friends for salewarner bros.
princemoney don't matterdiamonds and pearlspaisley park / Warner bros.
princedinner with deloreschaos and disorderwarner bros.
princeblack musehitnrun phase twonpg
princethe most beautiful girl in the world (mustang mix)the beautiful experiencenpg
earth, wind & firenew world symphony (live)gratitudecolumbia

One response to “Transitions On Traditions – April 25, 2016

  1. Like some kind of fool I quit listening to pop music in the late seventies and didn’t really think about it until my son caused me to stop being so limited (he leads by example). Prince was totally off my radar but listening tonight made me realize why there is so much outpouring of grief. This guy was all over the map and doing things in pop music that makes me wonder why he was pigeonholed that way. Well, now I’m going to have to spend way too much time going back over the catalog and creating my own Prince list. Thanks for the extended, deep and broad survey.

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