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Cannabis Pharmacy, The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana Fund Drive Special

Jeffrey Jewell
Jeffrey Jewell

Jeff Jewell, is Chairman of the Vet Center National Homeless Veterans Working Group. He is also

co-director of the annual North Bay Homeless Veterans Stand Down, taking place at the Dixon Mayfair

Grounds, October 13th thru 15th, 2015. Mr. Jewell, himself a Veteran, describes the purpose of the event,

services provided to Vets free of charge, and how individuals can get involved.


Cannabis Pharmacy
Cannabis Pharmacy

Cannabis Pharmacy, The Practical Guide to Medical Marijuana, written by Michael Backes, is the definitive

guide for current and potential users of marijuana for medicinal purposes. Backes’ in depth research includes

details of the healing mechanism of pot, the types and action of varieties used for specific ailments, and

suggestions on when to use and when not to use marijuana to achieve certain results.
Host Veronica Faisant

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