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Dr. Terry Cole-Whittaker, Phenomenal Woman


Dr.Terry Cole-Whittaker is a Phenomenal Woman.

As an Internationally known Spiritual Trailblazer, Dr. Terry first came to national prominence through her groundbreaking television ministry and the New York Times bestseller, “What You Think of Me is None of My Business”. Over the years, she has penned more bestsellers and added the following roles:

Mother * Grandmother* Emmy-Winning Television Producer * Counselor* Business Executive Motivational Speaker * Opera Singer * Gardener * Yogini *Retreat Facilitator* Workshop Leader *Beauty Pageant participant and winner–just to mention a few!

Dr.Terry’s worldview is in integrity with the details of her life. -We are all creative, limitless spiritual beings having a “human” experience for the purpose of eternal expansion.

Tune in for Dr. Terry’s take on social evolution and personal empowerment.

Call in to participate in what promises to be a fun and inspiring conversation with host Veronica Faisant
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  • MaryAnn Saffery

    I was a member of Terry’s church in San Diego and devastated when she felt the need to move on. But that being said, TCW changed my life. I was born out of wedlock and was treated badly as if I had done something wrong. I grew up feeling like a “mistake”. Terry opened my eyes to the fact that the circumstances of my conception HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH WHO I AM. Thanks to TCW I quit living my life as a “victim” and started living my life with pride, joy and love. I was sad when TCW left the church in San Diego, but I realized she had finished her work there and needed to move on. She taught me that with God’s help I can do, be and have anything I believed in. I reread all of her books whenever I start feeling down. Her words bring me back to my spiritual connection with GOD.

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