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Angels Among Us


Sunday, November 22th, 7;30pm-9:00pm, PST, tune in to KPFA, 94.1FM, Listern live,

Do you believe in Angels? If so, are they celestial beings, or the spirits of a departed friend or relative?  Are,

so called, “Guardian” angels assigned as protectors to specific persons? Have you felt the presence of a

benevolent, unseen force during periods when you’ve needed assistance most?
Tonight’s guest, Marie-Ange Faugérolas, is a Inspirational Speaker,

Screenwriter,and an award-winning author. 

In her most recent book, Angels–The definitive Guide to Angels from Around the World,

Marie Ange, answers many questions and provides an exhaustive commentary regarding  the true nature of


Join host, Veronica Faisant

Call in to participate in the conversation:
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