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Lewis Hill Did it–So Can You! Step Out with your inspiration-Support KPFA

Producer/Host Veronica Faisant


When Lewis Hill was inspired to create community sponsored/listener supported radio in 1949, it hadn’t been done.  He envisioned non-commercial, community based programming that would provide alternative  Publicand Cultural affairs programming, Free Speech Radio was born.

And while the infrastructure for FM radio  was in place, most folks didn’t have radios capable of receiving the signal, so he provided radios to  listeners.  Now, more than 66 years later, his ingenuity and pioneering spirit lives on!   KPFA is stronger than  ever, passionately fueled and sustained  by a new generation of committed community activists.

On tonight’s show, Veronica encourages  listeners to support Lewis Hill’s mission with a donation to KPFA , and by living an inspired, courageous life!


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