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State of Being: Author, Astrologer, Clairvoyant Elizabeth Joyce


Sunday, June 26th, 7:30pm-9:00pm, PDT, Pacifica Radio, KPFA, 94.1FM, listen live,

Tonight, educator, Author, Astrologer, and Clairvoyant, Elizabeth Joyce will share her personal perspective on what lightworkers refer to as the “State of Being”. In other words, what’s REALLY going on?

For more than three decades, Elizabeth has used her spiritual gifts of prophesy and healing to help individuals achieve freedom from the energetic stagnation of old emotional wounds.

We will discuss, among other topics, the advent of the Indigo, Rainbow and Crystal children. What are the unique gifts, talents and insights brought by each group?  How will the contributions change humanity?

Elizabeth will answer your questions, and later in the program, some predictions regarding upcoming events!
Host: Veronica Faisant

Call in to participate in the conversation:
(800) 958-9008 (510) 848-4425


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